Jenny came to visit myself and Pidge and take loads of photographs, trying to get one of Pidge with his ears forward was the first challenge! The painting she has done of Pidge is fantastic as not only does it look like Pidge but it really does capture his personality. How Jenny has done it I have no idea but the expression is most definitely Pidge. To me that just makes the painting extra special as it not only captures his look but his personality too.
Sue Insull
Jenny manages not only to create a likeness in her pictures but seems to capture the very soul of the horse she is painting.
The portraits she painted of my son's two ponies, a brother and sister, watch me from the wall of the hall at home. At any moment I expect them to flick an ear or twitch a nostril, so life-like and vibrant are the images.
Jenny's portfolio will reveal many instantly recogniseable horses that she has been commissioned to do for her clients over the years, all painted with her immense attention to detail and her obvious understanding of the anatomy of the horse.
Our horses will live on forever thanks to her skill.
Pat Melville Evans

I am absolutely delighted with my picture of Jack! She has totally captured his expression, and has even been flattering enough to make my backside smaller!!!
Vicky Simpson

We were delighted with the likeness that Jenny managed to get of Cavie, she captured his kind eye and his cheekiness comes through. He has pride of place in my front room, a beautiful memento of how handsome he was.
Janette Chinn

The first time we saw a painting done by Jenny was that of Misty, a family friends dog. I was amazed how she had captured her. So we decided to phone Jenny to see if she could paint our three dogs.
So off we went to see her. She took loads of photos, and we spent about two hours with her and her greyhounds. A couple of days later she e-mailed the ones she liked and asked what we thought. We picked the ones we liked and sent them back. She explained that she was quite busy so it would take a month or two. During that time we unfortunately lost our beautiful girl Lisa to cancer. The way she captured our dogs could not be done by any camera. It was like we got Lisa back. I don’t know how Jenny does it. It’s like she goes in to their soul and draws on their character.
Very few people can paint Shiba Inus. Yet when Teenie’s picture came, again Jenny was spot on. All those dogs are now gone, but they will be forever alive thru Jenny’s paintings.
We have another two Rotties now that have been painted by Jenny. She never met these ones, only by pictures taken by us and me telling Jenny all about them. Yet again she capture their nature. She is fab!

Anita Murphy

Jenny’s beautiful portraits capture Big Thyme and Two Thyme absolutely perfectly and we will always treasure them. When the horses are away being trained, it’s so nice to have such a lovely, daily reminder.

Phil Smith

Jenny has created a superb painting of Herbie & I am stunned really. The most amazing horse perfectly captured in paint, I can almost touch him, have him back.

Jane Walker

"Jenny's portrait of Rosie (a difficult subject as it took a year and near enough 200 photos plus an assignation in a carpark to get a usable photo) is perfect! When I saw it I was reduced to tears, but in a good way as it is really her looking out at me. We brought her home and hung her on the wall next to her beloved Sammy (he was also painted by Jenny) who went over Rainbow Bridge three years ago. This may sound spooky but I swear this is true - her expression changed from the "whatever" look she had in the photo/portrait to one of contentment that she is reunited with him again. Sammy's portrait is also so real that even three years after he left us, I look at it and can still smell the sunshine on his forehead.
Jenny's portraits capture the personality of the subject so perfectly that their memory and spirit stays with you."

Val Cavan



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