The perfect scenario for beginning a commission would be my being able to meet, study and photograph the animals to be portrayed. The weather would be bright and clear and horses would be sporting their sleek and shiny summer coats.
Obviously this can be difficult, courtesy of location, seasonal climate and time of year. Horses photographed with winter coats are more difficult to work from as the rougher coat hair obscures a proportion of subtle facial structures. For dogs and cats the time of year is normally irrelevant, but the facility to photograph them outdoors is important due to the colour distortions of artificial light.

When it is impractical for me to see the animal in person, I am happy to work from photographs supplied by the client. I have available information sheets on how to photograph horses and dogs to the specifications I require, and will forward these on request to committed clients.
If you wish me to work from images taken by a professional photographer, then under copyright law, you will need to acquire written authorisation from him or her before I can proceed.
The basic costs on the PRICE LIST include travelling only when the animals are local to me, or I am accommodating them within a journey, or there are several animals to photograph in the same area. All photography costs are included.

PRICES for Pastel portraits begin at:
Cats 290 euros upwards
Dogs 395 euros upwards
Horses 735 euros upwards
Oils begin at 1450 euros upwards.

FRAMING is additional, and I very much prefer to do this myself.


Travelling expenses such as flights and accommodation must be met for overseas work if the artist is to photograph in person.
All postage, packaging and shipping is to be met by the client.

If you are interested in COMMISSIONING an original portrait of your animal please CONTACT ME.

Jenny Lupton retains ALL copyright on all commissions and photographs.
Any reproduction whatsoever must have written authorisation from the artist.



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