The simplicity of these mirror images belies the complexity of their creation. From the design to the finished work involves skilful precision cutting and a fluid approach to the gilding techniques.

Each mirror begins with the external outline and the central image shape being drawn up and then carefully cut to ensure the silhouette remains intact. The three edges, the mirror frame outer, the mirror frame window, and the silhouette are then sanded to echo the delineation of each piece.

After ensuring each piece is thoroughly sealed, several layers of coloured base coats are laid on. The initial colour used determines the shade of coloured stain or gilt varnish to be applied next. If gilt cream or gilt leaf is included, this is worked into the following stage. The mirror and silhouette are simultaneously gilded to ensure they are a matching pair.

MIRROR IMAGES Working in so many layers allows the colours to evolve and change. The differing properties of the materialshelp dictate how the final finish is arrived at. Finally, two to three layers of clear varnish are applied. Essentially this is to protect the gilded surface, but also creates a degree of translucence in the final effect.

Different images can be produced in the various finishes, to any specified size.

Each mirror is handmade, so it is only possible to recreate similar, not exact finishes to previous mirrors.

A bespoke service is available. I'm happy to discuss your requirements.
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